CustomCommunity AI Bots for web3 startups and protocols

Empower your community with 24/7 information. Create personalized ChatGPTs trained on your websites and documents.

An Empowered Community

Our easy-to-use service provides you with customized chatbots you can easily embed on your website or social media communities. All you need to do is specify the documents or web pages you want to train and voila, your community bot is ready!

  1. 1Select Documents or Web pages
  2. 2Start Training
  3. 3Embed Your ChatBot

Website Chatbot

Create a custom ChatGPT for your websites, documentation and blogs.


Docs Chatbot

Create a custom ChatGPT for your whitepapers, bluepapers, business briefs


Social Media ChatBots

Create 24/7 Community Managers. Telegram and Discord community chatbots trained on your data.


Experience a live demonstration of our community AI bot, which has been trained on the Ethereum whitepaper.

Ethereum Whitepaper Community AI (Demo)
Hi. I'm a community bot for the Ethereum whitepaper. Ask me questions like:What is Ethereum?What are Ethereum Accounts?What are DAOs?

Frequently Asked Questions

What file formats can be used for training my chatbot?

For now, we support PDF (.pdf) files. However, we're planning to add support for more types of file formats in the future.

Do you support websites with dynamic rendering?

Absolutely, our technology is capable of handling both static HTML and dynamically rendered websites.

What data do you store?

We don’t store any personal data. The only data we securely encrypt and store is the text from your publicly accessible web pages or pdfs, which is used for training your chatbot.

Can my chatbot be shared with others?

Yes, indeed. Your chatbot can be easily shared with your desired audience.

How do I add the chatbot to my website?

Each chatbot comes with its own unique URL. You can incorporate the chatbot on your site using the embed code and instructions we provide.

Is it possible to customize my chatbot?

Absolutely. Depending on your plan, you can change various aspects such as its color, icon, name, responses, and the welcoming message.

Does your service provide multilingual support?

Yes, our chatbot service supports multiple languages, thanks to the underlying AI models we use. This allows the chatbot to interact with users in their language of choice, and your website can be in any language.

How can I reach out for support or other questions I have?

Please email us at